Here’s the deal:

I’m not a chart pattern trader.


The Ascending Triangle chart pattern is one of the few patterns I trade.


Because when other traders get stopped out, they help “push” the market further in your favor.

In short, you EXPLOIT the stop-loss orders of losing traders — and that’s why it works.

And because this is so powerful, I’ve created a new trading video on Ascending Triangle chart pattern.

You’ll learn:

•What is an Ascending Triangle chart pattern and why does it work
•You should always go short when the price is at Resistance, right? Wrong! I’ll explain why…
•How to better time your entries & exits when trading the Ascending Triangle
•When is the best time to trade Ascending Triangle (and why)
•How to find high probability breakout trades with the Ascending Triangle chart pattern

You ready to learn this powerful chart pattern?

Then go watch this video right now.

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