Big reversal in the markets and I got stopped out. Here’s what you can learn…


I got stopped out on my positions last week by following my rules. When your trading plan says get out, you get out.

No questions asked and no hard feelings.

And here’s the thing:

Just because you got stopped out of your trade, doesn’t mean the trend is over.

Instead your job as a trend follower is, to find an entry and get on board the trend, again.

And this is what you’ll learn in this week’s market analysis. I’ll walk you through my entire USD/CAD trade, from start to finish. And I’ll share with you how I’m looking to re-enter this trade once more.

Then, I’m going to tell you why I’m bullish on this particular market…

…when the media and analyst are calling a crash on it.

So who’s right or wrong? You decide.

Now, go watch this week’s market analysis now.

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