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Back in my army days…

One thing I hated was, waiting. The system is built in a way whereby we rush to wait and wait to rush.

This means we would rush like a mad dog trying to meet a deadline. And once it’s met, we’ll wait … and then rush again to meet the next deadline.

Sounds silly? But it’s true.

Now, I can’t help but relate this to trading…

You wait for price to come to your area of Support (sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t).

If it comes, then you wait for price to give you a specific pattern for “confirmation” (sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t).

And the most irritating thing is…

The perfect scenario hardly plays out itself, and you’re left waiting…




While the markets move without you in the trade, even though your analysis is correct.

Hey, you’re not alone!

I was struggling with this problem for the longest time… and after much frustration… I realized what I’m doing wrong.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Trading is about finding low-risk entries, and letting the market do its thing. It’s not waiting for the stars to align before taking a trade.

Before you talk about trading setups, you must know your trading theme . Only then, can you adopt the correct trading setups that fit your theme.

If you’re a trader who lacks trading setups or wants to find better ways to enter the markets, then go watch today’s video.

I’ll explain how to find your trading theme, and the best trading setups to trade with.

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