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I’m PUMPED whenever I get an email like this…

Hi Rayner,
I took notice of the Soybean trade from your previous video and I went long on on it. Got out yesterday and pocketed about 13R.

Thank you very much for posting that video.

Now, you’re probably wondering:

What does 13R mean?

This means…

If you risk 1% on your trade, you get a return of 13%.

If you risk 100 pips on your trade, you get a return of 1300 pips.

If you risk $100 on your trade, you get a return of $1300.

And, this is what Trend Following is about. Reaping big rewards with minimal risk.

Thus, in this week’s video, you’ll learn:

1.How Johnny made 13% on a single trade with low risk

2. How to spot trading opportunities like this

3. How you can _steal_ this exact trading setup

Are you excited? I sure am!

So, go watch this week’s video below.

Thanks for watching!

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