It’s no secret that…

Using multiple timeframes can improve your trading entries.

But the problem is… most traders are confused on how to do it.

For example, one of my subscribers recently asked me…

Rayner, how do I use multiple timeframes in my trading?

Should I be looking at the daily, weekly or monthly timeframe?

What if I have a long trading opportunity, but the higher timeframe is against me. Do I take the trade or skip it?

Those are all valid questions.

But first… let me share with you something important.

Your higher timeframe (HTF) is dependent on your entry timeframe.

For some traders, their higher timeframe could be the 1-hour chart.
And for others, their higher timeframe could be the weekly chart.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How do I know what’s the “correct” higher timeframe for my trading style?

That’s a good question.


Go watch today’s video and learn how to trade using multiple timeframes, the “correct” way.

Thanks for watching!

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