Support and Resistance Cheatsheet (95% Of Traders Don’t Know This)

Support and resistance is possibly the most popular concept in technical analysis.

And because it’s so popular, you can easily find a ton of information about it.

However, this comes at the expense of conflicting information.

For example, the more times support is tested, the weaker or stronger it becomes?

You’re not sure, right?

That’s why I’ve just created a new training so you can master support and resistance (in less than 20mins).

Specifically, here’s what you’ll learn:

** How to tell when SR will break so you don’t get caught on the wrong side of the move
** Why not all SR areas are created equal and how to identify the best ones which offer the greatest profit potential
** How to find losing traders to push the price in your favour so you can take profits—while they cut their losses
** Support & Resistance: How to find profitable trading opportunities overlooked by 90% of traders


Then go watch it now.

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