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It’s official.

This is the final video of 2016.

But here’s a fun fact:

Do you know how many videos I’ve created this year?

Take a guess…


And I spent an average of 60mins per video…

…which is about 57 hours of video production this year. Wow.

Anyway, let’s move on…

In this final video, you will discover:
• Why this commodity is “RIPE” for a breakout, and the exact entry I’m looking to get into this trade
• Why traders who focus on results are losing consistently — and how you can avoid it
• How to reduce your risk and increase your reward by letting the market “come to you”

Since this is the final video of the year, I’ve packed lots of wholesome goodness into it and it will run for about 20 minutes.

Grab a cup of coffee, protein shake, herbal tea, or whatever and enjoy!

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Thanks for watching!

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