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But… besides being a trend trader…

I’m also a counter-trend trader.

“What! Rayner, so… you’ve been lying to me all along?!”

Take it easy… let me explain…

Yes, I do take counter-trend setups. But these setups are trend trading setups on the higher timeframe.

And this is powerful because…

• You reduce the size of your losses and, increase the size of your gains
• You tend to catch big moves in the market compared to a trader waiting for a reversal pattern

Want to learn more?

Then go watch today’s video.

You’ll learn how to identify this counter-trend (trend trading) setup. Once you see it… you’ll realize how powerful counter-trend trading can be.

Talk soon,
Rayner Teo

P.S. My voice sounds husky today because I’m down with a very bad flu. But still, the content is never compromised. So, go watch this video right now.

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