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I was guilty of this.

Whenever I saw a big move in the markets, I told myself:

You must get into this trade right now!


I’ll “chase” the markets since it’s so bullish, and looked like it’s going up forever.

The outcome?

I lost big when the reversal came — and I’m long near the highs. Ouch.

So, why do many traders make this fatal mistake?

Well, I can only think of this quote…

A major mistake most traders make is using their own fear as an exit signal and their own greed as an entry plan. — Steve Burns

Now after being bruised and battered, I’ve wisened up…

Instead of “chasing” markets, a better way is to trade is, to let the markets come to you.

Which is what you’ll learn in today’s video:

• How to stalk the best entry by letting the market come to you — like a lion stalking its prey

• One little-known trick to “chase” the markets like a pro (for advanced traders only)

• The two best trading setups on my radar (hint: one of them has broken a key Support area)

So, go watch it right now and let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching!

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